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What they picked:

Micro Video

full funnel approach

content strategy

We worked with Mysa’s marketing team to develop a full-funnel content strategy.

Top of funnel awareness ads were created for each product, focusing on 4-5 key features of the AC, Baseboard, and In-floor smart thermostats.

Middle of funnel and bottom of funnel video ads are short-form (10-15sec), focusing on a single USP, purchase motivator, or barrier.

Best Video Marketing Service

A suite of polished video ads.

Video Marketing company
Video Marketing company
Real Time Energy Reporting

Mysa for electric baseboard heating

Top of funnel product video.

Mysa for air conditioners

Top of funnel product video.

what sets these ads apart?

Customer Value Focused

Key USP's are presented in a format that combines testimonial and product demo.

Accessible & Appealing

Motion graphics are used to relay key messages, making the videos easy to digest even without sound.

Tailored for Mobile

Final videos are rendered in 4x5 format to occupy maximum real estate on mobile screens.

USA+CAN Market Ready

Celsius and Fahrenheit version's are provided for rollout across the continent.

Boring Beige Thermostats

Middle of funnel single USP video.

Easy Install

Bottom of funnel UGC selfie video.

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