5 E-commerce Product Video Ideas for Your Next Campaign

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User Generated Testimonial Video

A customer testimonial video is an excellent way to get personal with your audience. The viewer wants to hear the speakers’ first-hand experience, to offer them more insight into how your product will fit into their own lives. This type of advertisement is social proof; a way to influence potential buyers without being too forward. 

To develop a testimonial video, try reaching out to customers via email or through a social media post. Additionally, a product demonstration is always a bonus, so don’t forget to ask the customer to include footage of them using the product. It is also important that the video portrays true authenticity. This can be achieved simply by generating the content through the customer’s own cell phone. User-generated content often outperforms high-end video production because of the authenticity it conveys on social feeds – so no need to stress about the quality of these videos.

Last but not least, make sure to emphasize the importance of conveying authenticity and reliability when discussing the product. The customer should feel comfortable and excited to talk about your product so that those feelings can be passed on to the viewer. 


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Unboxing Video 

Similar to the user granted testimonial video, an unboxing video allows you to connect with your audience by bringing them behind the scenes. These types of videos let viewers indirectly experience your product by recreating how it would feel for them to get it themselves. Furthermore, this type of content can be user-generated and is a go-to for many influencers. As said with the testimonial videos, cell phone camera quality is acceptable for this content too. 

Unboxing videos are also viewed as a way for buyers to verify the legitimacy of a product without having to spend any money. The key to creating a great unboxing video is simple: speak clearly and slowly, be personal, have good lighting, and keep it short. Generally, viewers want to feel like they are being shown the product, as opposed to feeling pushed to buy it. This is a great opportunity to connect with your viewers, while simultaneously and consequentially selling them your product. 

Product Demonstration Video

A product demonstration video shows viewers how your product works by displaying it in operation. This is a great way to reassure the validity of the product and give viewers a sneak peak of how the product will fit into their own lives. Acting similarly to the unboxing video, a product demonstration video acts as an indirect advertisement and is (ideally) not too forward on the sales aspect. 

These videos can be a great opportunity for viewers to see what makes your brand and/or product unique. In a world surrounded by advertisements and consumerism, a product demonstration video is an excellent way to stand out and make a mark.

Here we have a classic demo-ad for Diosa Designs made by yours truly here at Altitude Media

Brand Story Video

If you are looking for a great way to introduce your company and appeal to the personal side of viewers; a brand story video is just what you need. These videos work by building the viewer’s trust while discussing the brand’s history. 

The video can include discussion of the brand’s values, mission statement, story, product and any other features that showcase the individuality of the brand. While these types of videos come in many different formats, many successful examples choose one story that encapsulates the brand as a whole. 

Product FAQ

FAQ’s (or frequently asked questions) are a great way to handle specific questions, inquiries, and problems. Additionally, they represent yet another way to connect with customers and show your attention to detail. 

Finding an answer or solution to every individual question can be a daunting task for any business. However, customers will always have questions to ask. While many companies try to meet this demand with a pre-designed Q&A page, it is often an impractical way to satisfy every inquiry. 

FAQ videos are based on the customer’s voice, allowing them to feel heard and engaged with. Because of this, FAQs are a great way to build a trusting relationship between you and your customer. Questions can be pre-submitted by email and on social media, or alternatively, through a live video. Another great thing about FAQ’s? They save inconsistencies. By having your questions answered directly through one forum, your information stays organized and reliable. What’s not to love?

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