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Written by Lauren Hayward.

Newfoundland and Labrador is well-known for its charming, distinctive and picturesque environment. Whether you’re looking for land or sea; Newfoundland and Labrador has what you need. The province is not new to video production and is considered home for many successful series, features, and shorts.

Some of the most recent and successful projects include Aquaman, Son of a Critch, Republic of Doyle, Hudson and Rex, Peter Pan and Wendy, Astrid & Lily and Frontier. These productions are no stranger to the provinces’ unique offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the top places for video production in Newfoundland and Labrador.

St. John’s

We’re starting things off with the province’s capital city: St. John’s.

St. John’s is a popular spot for video production since it offers a mixture of commercial, cultural and scenic aspects. As the metropolitan center of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s is easily accessible and has everything that you need in just one spot. For any features requiring an urban or city vibe; this location is the best pick for you.

Signal Hill is one spot in St. John’s that you do not want to miss. Situated at the top of Signal Hill, Cabot Tower makes for some great content. Signal Hill is an excellent place to get some wide-scale scenic shots of the city, as well as the beautiful Atlantic ocean that immediately surrounds it. Note that if you are planning a video production within Signal Hill National Historic Site’s boundaries, you will need permission from Parks Canada.

Take a look at our St. John’s in 4K aerial video for a closer look at what the city has to offer. Our client wanted a video for playback on their website that displayed their diverse range of residential and commercial real estate properties located here in St. John’s. Adding a sprinkle of notable St. John’s landmarks helped to give the video a local feel.

Torbay Point

If you are looking for a spot that provides spectacular views, uncomplicated access, and a great representation of Newfoundland’s charm; check out Torbay Point.

Only 10 minutes away from our office, this location is a favorite for many locals. While there is a brief walk required to access the point, the trail is relatively easy. The mixture of evergreen forests and wide ocean views makes for a spectacular place to create content.

Here’s a tip: be sure to schedule your shoot for early morning, as the main side of these cliffs face east towards the sunrise. To see more of this beautiful location, take a look at the pull-video we shot for Voltfuse in fall 2019.

Petty Harbour

Sticking with the eastern region of the island; let’s talk Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove.

Quietly nestled in Motion Bay and just 15 minutes south of St. John’s; Petty Harbour is a town you won’t want to miss. This tiny fishing community is located on the eastern shore of the Avalon Peninsula and is incredibly picturesque. The size of this town allows for easy access and mobility, while also presenting the small-town charm that is only found in Newfoundland.

Additionally, the drive into this community is a vision of its own; offering winding roads that hug the coastline. We used this particular attribute while filming a pull-video for Capital Mitsubishi, featuring the 2019 Outlander model. In this case, the captivating roads of Petty Harbour allowed us to showcase the vehicle’s strengths and features.

Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove

Just about 15 minutes from downtown St. John’s, Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove is a beloved part of Newfoundland’s east coast.

The town features an abundance of coast-line bliss and beautiful scenery. If you are looking for ocean views, overgrown trails, and stunning rocky beaches, Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove may be just the spot for you! This town, like Petty Harbour, has exceptionally scenic roads that let you drive right on the coastline. There are also many trails around this spot that are perfect for filming.

Check out our video for BMW St. John’s, showcasing the X2 model taking a drive along the winding roads in Outer Cove.

Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi is a tiny, but beautiful, part of St. Johns, Newfoundland. The little village surrounds a picturesque harbour that is known as “The Gut”, which offers a narrow entry to the Atlantic Ocean.

The access to Quidi Vidi is simple since it is only minutes away from downtown St. John’s. Because the neighborhood is small, it is easy to travel around and find what you are looking for. Be sure to check out the summer sunsets here, they will not disappoint.

quidi vidi st Johns newfoundland by Altitude media

An aerial photo of Quidi Vidi captured by Altitude Media at dusk.

Town of Pasadena

Moving outside of eastern Newfoundland and heading west, we are now taking a look at beautiful Pasadena.

This scenic town is located at the intersection of the North Arm Valley and the Humber Valley, on the west coast of Newfoundland. Pasadena offers a breathtaking environment anytime of the year. Beautiful mountains, endless green space, and lots of wildlife; it’s hard not to love.

Because the town sits on sandy shores, there are some beautiful beaches that are definitely worth seeing. Pasadena Beach Park, for example, is a popular sandy beach right on the waters of Deer Lake. While small, Pasadena is an accessible, convenient, and communal place that has a lot to offer.

Captured in summer of 2021, our “Blazing Trails” video shines a spotlight on the people, places, and culture of the Town of Pasadena.

Fogo Island

Located in central Newfoundland, Fogo Island is a little island off of the big island.

If you are looking for some unique scenery and extraordinary architecture, this spot should definitely be added to your list. Fogo Island is known globally for its striking and rugged coastline views, and is also home to the world famous Fogo Island Inn. The architecture in Fogo Island is a combination of traditional and futuristic.

While many homes in the communities remain true to their Newfoundland heritage, there are some exquisite examples of nordic-style structures that guarantee some beautiful content.

Photos by Erik McLean via Pexels.

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