9 Best Examples of Ecommerce Product Video Marketing

Written by Lauren Hayward & Ilker Acun.

1) Chirp Wheel

A happy back? Yes please! This Chirp Wheel advertisement offers an excellent example of the beloved ‘less is more’ ideology. Bubble wrap is the star of the show, allowing viewers to see the level of pressure supplied by each roller as demonstrated in the video. 

This simple test is organic, genuine, and lets viewers see the benefits of their product in real-time. The results are quickly revealed to avoid any loss of attention and the video wraps up its message in under two minutes. 

In a world encompassed by editing and correction, sometimes a little simplicity is all that is needed.

2) Peak Design

Even through the anonymity of a screen, a successful advertisement creates trust between the buyer and the product.

In this video, Peak Design combines authenticity and digitalization to showcase their product to viewers. Pairing personal experience with a high-resolution display of the product is, as some would say, a match made in advertisement heaven. 

Buyers want to feel like they know the commodity being sold. This relationship can be formed by showcasing the ins and out’s of the products’ existence. In other words, the advertisement may reveal the manufacturing and material components, as well as the efficiency of the product in real-life scenarios. 

Peak Design effectively channels this method in marketing their Travel Tripod, while simultaneously establishing the buyer’s trust for other products. 

3) Diosa Designs – Maya Backpack

Here we have a classic demo-ad (demonstrative advertisement) made by yours truly here at Altitude Media

DIOSA Designs presents the ‘Maya’ bag; a go-to backpack for travel, office, or gym. The ad is personal and intimate, with continual reference to ‘you’-the viewer. 

This video works at emphasizing DIOSA Designs individuality, offering direct insight to their unique product features. A successful advertisement is often accomplished by simply connecting with the viewers.

A personal engagement approach never goes out of style…just like the ‘Maya’ bag!

4) Fold Eat

The FoldEat lunchbox is an on-the-go modular lunchbox that unfolds into your own full-size eating mat. I mean…what’s not to love? 

This ad is upbeat, demonstrative, straightforward, and informative; all of the right ingredients. The narrator takes us through a full rundown of FoldEat’s tips and tricks, while the video displays the visual footage of the product. 

This contemporary ad is sure to capture your attention and may have you ordering your very own lunchbox.

5) Ergochair Pro

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. 

This Ergochair Pro ad puts the focus on the visuals and will have you questioning your own office chair by the end. In under one minute and with no voice-over necessary, Autonomous showcases their product to viewers. 

Using a compare and contrast technique, the video allows viewers to see the chair in action and understand the unique capabilities of the product.

This ad is proof that a short time-period can be effective and thorough. It also demonstrates the ability to say a great deal, without actually saying a word.

6) Redbaby

Redsbaby relies on visual components while marketing this product. Instead of using a voice-over or narration, the ad utilizes written text to describe each component of the product, allowing for playback without audio. 

The viewer gets to see the product in a real-life scenario, while also learning about the details and possible functions. The video is a little long, ending around the two-minute mark. 

While it is important to get as much information to your audience as possible, we recommend limiting your videos to avoid any loss of engagement.

It is also crucial to let viewers know how and where to purchase your product through an end slate with call-to-action (CTA); another way to ensure optimal sales.

7) Lumecube

Engaging, sleek, modern, and professional. Those are the key features of this Lume cube ad. The video is high-paced and informative, but keeps viewers wanting more. 

The in-depth look at the product allows you to see all of the ‘Lume cube’ features and understand how it works. The video also presents many examples of the product being used in reality, an excellent way to let viewers see how the product can be of use.

This small-but-mighty creation deserves a terrific ad to properly represent it, and Lume cube gives it just that. 

8) Raspberry Pi

A five-dollar computer…who wouldn’t want to know more? Raspberry Pi captivates your attention with little-to-no theatrics. 

This simple, laidback advertisement gives viewers a sense of comradery and ease. The speaker keeps things simple with a quick comparison, a little story-telling, and a brief description of the product.

While this ad may not have a high-tech, digitalized feel, it does the job. 

9) Solo Stove

This Solo Stove ‘Bonfire’ ad gains your trust and establishes its own credibility within the first 30 seconds. 

Building the credibility of a product can be a critical part of its marketing process, ensuring that the viewer feels comfortable with the seller. To achieve this relationship, Solo Stove immediately tells viewers about their longstanding and impressive reputation. With this trust in motion, you can’t help but like what you see. 

What makes this video particularly engaging, is that Solo Stove is not only selling a product. They are selling an experience. Whether it’s time away with family and friends, a connection to nature, or simply a check on reality, this Solo Stove ‘Bonfire’ ad offers your ideal experience. 

Judging by the Kickstarter page, the video worked, as they raised $1,176,641 in 2018.

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